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Google Is Redesigning Chrome And This Is How It Will Look Like

Finally, we are getting a redesign for the Google’s Chrome web browser. Reportedly, it will be redesigned according to ‘Material Design’ idea that Android makes use of. Where have we heard this from? Screenshots of the redesign have been spotted on Google’s developer website that exhibit a bit of tweaking to the famous web browser.

The new design, as per reports, is functional but still being worked upon and there is no information as to when it will be available. Let’s take a look at the redesign, shall we?

This is what Chrome looks like now.

The tabs will sport a squared off look instead of the rounded ones and Google has opted for three dots instead of line-based settings menu.

The browser will come equipped with an all new incognito mode that turns all of the UI black.

Chrome on Chrome OS is also slated to get an updated media player.

The ‘downloads’ page has been revamped as well and takes up a whole browser window now.

Check out the new Settings page that has more clear options for search, appearance and changing the default browser.

The Extensions page has also undergone redesigning and features individual tabs for every extension.

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