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Girl Makes A 3D Printed Replica Of Her Friend And It is Terrifyingly Accurate

3D printing sure has taken the world by storm and we are witnessing more and more wonders of the technology every day now. It can be used to make anything; what else can you ask for when you can use a 3D printer to print another 3D printer?

A Reddit user, jelbee, decided to check the limits of 3D printing by asking her friend’s 3D printing company to print out a 3D print of her. The 3D print is quite small and weirdly similar, however, does pose some terrifying questions for us to ponder upon.

This is where a lot of folks would put their foot down and ask the question “why do this?”. However, we can’t deny that the technology and its application, both are brilliantly amazing. Wouldn’t you agree?

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