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Get Rid of Spam Emails By Registering A Disposable Email Address

Get Rid of Spam Email

Every now and then we find ourselves looking at a paradox – we want that information or file but we are required to register first with our emails. The end result is usually our inbox filling up with spam. The best way to protect yourself at such time is to make use of a disposable email address that you can get from SpamGourmet. The user selects a username following by being able to send a disposable email address whenever you feel like it.

How it works? The company where you registered, upon contact, will send you email and that will be forwarded to your regular email account for fix number of emails (determined by the user). When this number is reached, you will stop getting emails from the company in question.

You can register for the disposable email address at the above-mentioned website and then there is no need to return to site. A pretty cool way of getting rid of spam, isn’t it?

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