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German Parliament Decides To Keep The Autobahn Highway Speed-Limit Free

Green party in Germany recently attempted to have the country’s renowned autobahn system limited to 130 km/h. However, a parliamentary vote that took place last Thursday was able to defeat the motion with huge numbers, thus enabling drivers to continue to freely select the speed at which they want to drive cars.

The limit-free autobahn system that contains about 70% of all of the significant German highways is world-famous and also highly-admired by a vast majority of international drivers who are generally subjected to more restrictions. Almost every ‘first visit to Germany’ features the traveler driving at more than 100 mph on the autobahn.

The multi-lane highways have been designed so that vehicles can travel at such high speeds without any hassle. When you add to this mix the amazing driving etiquette of German drivers, you have an extremely safe place to put your vehicle to the test. Surprisingly enough, the autobahn system features 1/3rd of all the miles driven, and yet it only sees 12% of the fatal car crashes. On the other hand, speed-limited country roads are where about 60% of German road deaths take place.

Over the course of time, one group or another does try to get a speed limit imposed on the autobahn. This time around, it was the Greens who based their case on the argument that imposing a 130 km/h speed limit would help save lives while also reducing national carbon emissions and shall help the local car industry to change its focus to slower machines that have smaller engines and offer enhanced efficiency. As a result, this would help in reducing carbon and shall help with saving lives.

The federal parliament of Germany, the Bundestag, took a vote on Thursday, and the results were quite clear. A total of 498 MPs elected to have the autobahn system unrestricted while only 126 chose to impose the 130 km/h speed limit. The proposal was then shown to the ausfahrt, and the autobahn system will be able to retain its amazing property for the time being.

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