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German Guy Buys Old Fire Truck From Junkyard. What He Turns It Into Is Worth A Million Dollars


Making amazing things from junk is simply the most awesome thing a man can do. We have seen some pretty amazing feats in the near future but can anyone match this amazing piece of craftsmanship, creativity and hard work?

The German guy bought an old fire safety truck used by the firefighting department in Germany from a junkyard. He had quite a few thoughts about what he was going to do with it. Here is the amazing transformation of the truck step-be-step

It had adjustable support, so that the bed attached could always remain in a horizontal position.

He took off the cabin and fitted the floor with heating coils to maintain temperatures in cold weather. He sanded, hammered and welded the cabin and sent it for a new paint job. 

Already looking better isn’t it?

He put walls of the living space in the back.

Complete with powers source and heating controller.

The odd stuff like water tanks, and sewage storage would be covered with frames in the end.

He made spaces for windows and doors. The thing must look spacious.

Here you go, this is the final product.

With fitted Air conditioner for the back as well.

Add a customized elevator

Wide interior. With a bed large enough for two.

It has great kitchen stuff.


Bench and fold-out table!

There you go! Best Recreational Van ever known!!

The genius behind this DIY Project used to work in a vehicle repair shop. He put his skills to the best use didn’t he? Now he won’t have to pay for hotel, ever!