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Future Apartment Designs Will Include Balcony Landing Strips For Our Drones

Charles Bombardier has warned the architects, builders, and designers to ready themselves for the drone revolution.


Image Source: Ashish Thulkar


“Drones are coming, and they’re going to change a lot of things about how we shape our lives. So why shouldn’t we change how we shape our buildings to get ready for them? Early adopters will probably buy personal flying vehicles in the not too distant future. Some models are being developed as we speak. Maybe an innovative architectural firm will even pitch the idea of building a ‘drone-ready’ condo tower.”


Image Source: Ashish Thulkar


Bombardier has collaborated with Ashish Thulkar to propose the design of new drone balconies. Each unit in the condo will have its own drone landing that could also accommodate a small electric aeroplane.

The retractable handrails on these landing strips also allow them to be used as balconies. Bombardier envisions a house where you will not own the drone so it will only be called up when you need it. Even more importantly, your balcony landing strip will not remain full at all times.


Image Source: Ashish Thulkar


One may question the necessity of a balcony for drone landing. After all, we do share garbage rooms or even mailrooms in the apartments. So why not share a rooftop drone landing area as well? However, Bombardier points out the other benefits of adopting this design:

“Large balconies are always welcome in swanky condos, but they could be so much more if they obliterated your need to use the stairs or elevator, or to even get in a car or subway to reach your office tower.”


Image Source: Ashish Thulkar


As the drone business is taking flight, quite literally, the i

dea of drone balconies for landing UAVs does not appear too far-fetched.