10 DIY Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas That You Can Make Yourself

DIY swimming pool (3)

You gotta love water unless you are a cat or you live somewhere as freezing as the poles. Who wouldn’t want a swimming pool right in their backyard? Unless you have a great place, you can not get a full sized swimming pool but it would still like getting a huge bath tub right out in the sun. In the summer heat using a robotic pool cleaner with swivel cord is optimal for leaves and debris. Getting even a small one made by a professional will cost you a hefty sum but there is always a way you can make one yourself.

To make a DIY swimming pool, you only need three things: instructions, materials, and lots and lots of work. As a result, you get two things: a very cool (quite literally) swimming pool and a sense of accomplishment.

We gathered 10 of the coolest DIY swimming pool designs so you can choose the one that fits you best:

Natural Pool

What is better than water in its natural form? It will give you best feel and an absolutely peaceful connection with nature. Mother Earth News will teach you how you can make one with aquatic plants, gravel stones, and clay.

Pallet Platform Pool

What can not be made out of pallets? Paintings, racks, chests, and what not. A swimming pool is one thing you may have never imagined, but 101 Pallets just found a way of doing it too. Learn how to do it here with a round middle.

Deep Pallet Pool

Pallets just sound too good for making a pool so here is another idea for making a deeper one using wooden pallets.

Dumpster Pool

Dumpsters could just make you the large sized pool you dreamed off. Homestead and Survival will teach you how to make one like this using dumpsters.

Wooden Base Pool

This one is just simple enough, and you can make it with plastic tarp and wood. Here is the tutorial by Awesome Jelly.

In-Ground Pool

The tutorial by Coftable will teach you how you can turn your above ground pool into an in-ground one.

Galvanized Tank Pool

A galvanized tank will hold better shape and far more strength than a plastic pool. Apartment Therapy gives you an insight on how you can make yours.

Concrete Swimming Pool

This one will stay with you longer than any other DIY pool. While getting one made by a professional will easily cost you nothing less than $30,000, this DIY tutorial by Instructables will let you make yours for as little as $7,000.

Hay Bale Swimming Pool

If you live somewhere warm, nothing will get better than the Hay Bale Swimming Pool. All you need is hay bales and high-quality plastic. Awesome Jelly has a tutorial for how you can make your pool.

Shipping Container Pool

Shipping containers are just so good, whether to make a tiny house out of them or to turn them into a very professional looking swimming pool. Here is a tutorial for making a good rust proof swimming pool with a shipping container.


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