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Fukushima Was Abandoned Due To A Nuclear Meltdown. This Is What It Looks Like Now

Japan was the victim of the Tohoku earthquake in 2011 – an earthquake that caused a tsunami which crashed into the Fukushima power plant. This resulted in shutting down of three nuclear reactors. A total of 300,000 people had to evacuate the towns in the vicinity. Although no lives were lost to this incident, the earthquake and tsunami claimed 1,600 lives.Town Abandoned Due To Nuclear Meltdown, This Is What It Looks Now

Owing to the fear of nuclear poisoning, a lot of the 15,389 townspeople still haven’t returned to their homes in the vicinity of Tomioka, Fukishima thus rendering it as a ghost town. A company known as HEXaMedia recently sent a video drone in order to gauge the desolation and what they found can be seen below.

The evacuation process was extended for four years in order to allow the workers to come in and rebuild the town. That time period is almost over, however, according to a recent poll the displaced citizens took part in concluded that 40% of them do not wish to return to the same place.

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