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Fuel Cell Battery Bank Ensures That You Never Run Out Of Battery

Fuel Cell Ensures That You Never Run Out Of Battery 2

Charging your gadgets and ensuring that you don’t run out of battery at an inconvenient time has become the greatest problem for this era and this explains the rise in power banks. Swedish developers have come up with the world’s smallest fuel cell that is capable of keeping your gadgets when you’re on and off the grid. It has been created by myFC AB and is known as ‘JAQ’. It makes use of salt and water to power the portable charger and is slim enough to be fitted inside the purse or pocket.Fuel Cell Ensures That You Never Run Out Of Battery 4

It makes use of PowerCard (Single-use) for generating just enough green electricity to allow it to charge a smartphone fully. It has been created from recycled materials. The JAQ fuel cell doesn’t require any outlet. The cell works by insertion of PowerCard that has salt and water into the charger.

Once the card has been inserted, the JAQ is connected to the smartphone or other gadget that sports a USB cable. Inside the cell, the salt and water react together to create hydrogen that charges at the same rate as a power outlet. As per website, it generates 1800mAh for each card.

Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC AB said, “Mobile accessibility is critical for everyone and the demand for charging solutions for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras is increasing. The dramatic reduction of the size of both the fuel and charger allows for the charger to be slimmer, so as to nicely fit inside a jacket pocket, for example. This truly makes energy available whenever you need it.”

The cell has been designed while keeping in mind the ‘on-the-go-living’ lifestyle. It is travel certified and complies with the international regulations for airplanes. It is capable of charging any USB compatible gadget including Android, iOS along with Windows phones and tablets. JAQ can be pre-ordered for a two-year payment of $5/month – limited time offer though. The portable fuel cell is slated to be featured at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Sow in Las Vegas, 6-9 January.

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