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French Flying Man Fails To Cross The English Channel On His Flyboard, Ditches In Water

Franky Zapata Was Unable To Cross English Channel On His Flyboard

Our readers would remember that Franky Zapata was recently featured on Wonderful Engineering when he used his flyboard for a demonstration on Bastille Day in front of the French President and other dignitaries. After that, the French inventor decided to attempt a crossing of the English Channel.

It was planned so that it coincided with the 110th anniversary of the very first flight that took place across the English Channel by Louis Bleriot, a French aviator. Franky Zapata, fellow Frenchman and an amazing inventor, wanted to commemorate the anniversary by flying across the English Channel on his flyboard. Unfortunately for Zapata, he had to cease the attempt midway. He stopped onto this refuelling boat and then ended up falling into the water.

Franky Zapata started his journey on flyboard by taking off from Sangatte, a French coastal town. He had planned to make the journey of 36 kilometers to cross the Channel on his flyboard. The flyboard looks like a futuristic skateboard that flies actually. He was hoping to complete the trip within twenty minutes while making a stop for refuelling in the middle.

As per Anna Venekas, a spokeswoman, as Franky Zapata descended for his refuelling stop he encountered a problem. Venekas only mentioned to the Associated Press that ‘the flight is cancelled’ along with that  Zapata ‘is doing fine.’ As mentioned before, Zapata had managed to impress the crowds along with the French President Emmanuel Macron on Bastille Day – July 14th. He had flown on his flyboard over the parades and talks of finding military use of his inventions were also taking place.

In comparison, attempting to cross the Channel is much more difficult because of the ever-changing and unpredictable wind patterns and the waters that are filled with ships. This time things didn’t work out in favour of the forty-year-old French inventor.