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Free HD USA Wallpapers: The Beauty Of Diversity In USA

USA wallpaper 5

The land of the free, the United States of America, is so diverse with people of different ethnicities and places to visit. Over three hundred million people occupy its fifty states. There are American, African, and Asian ethnic people all around the states. Depending on your interest, USA provides so many options for tourists from around the world as often seen on USA wallpapers.

Statue of Liberty lies in New York Harbor as a symbol of United States of America’s concept of ideal, freedom, democracy, and opportunity. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a three-mile long suspension bridge spanning across the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. Grand Canyon, one of the world’s wonder, is a natural formation of layers of red rock in Arizona. Local and international tourists visit The Grand Canyon for sightseeing, camping, hiking, or rafting. Another wonderful nature in the USA is the Niagara Falls at the international border of USA and Canada.

The USA is a historical place. You can find many wonderful monuments and memorials across the states such as the Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and the White House. They can be a good set of USA wallpapers collection for anyone around the world.

As one of the leading country, USA provides some of the best university and institutional education. California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Harvard University, and Stanford University are listed in the top five universities in the world. Many foreign students come to USA to seek for educational degree.

The food, festivals, and fashion culture vary from one state to another. However, you may find the USA signature dish or snack like apple pie, key lime pie, bacon, mac and cheese, and many others. Some states has unique festivals such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, St. Patrick Day celebration, Rose festival in Texas, Banana Split Festival in Ohio, and many others.

USA wallpaper 5