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Free Download 42 HD California Wallpapers For Desktop And Mobile

What comes to mind when thinking of California are three things; Silicon Valley, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Yosemite National Park. California is the state where technology is created and gets developed in no time. Buy any of the California Wallpapers; you will not be disappointed by looking at any of the places, bars and hotels.

Get hold of a wallpaper about Rolling Hills in Los Angeles, you will see many estates existing there. The landscape is lush green which offers good views and beauty of the area. One guarded community only exists here which has several private roads. Natives work, study and acquire other services with ease. The fact is that Rolling Hills is the 21st richest area in USA.

Everybody knows about the Silicon Valley and its significant role on the economy of the country. The notable companies which have headquarters here include Facebook, Apple, Graymatics and Cryptic Studios as well. Moreover, number one university in the world, ‘Stanford’ is based here where brilliant students graduate every year.

The Yosemite National Park is visited by more than three million people every year. Take a good look of one of its wallpaper you will admire the waterfalls, giant sequoia groves, clear streams, cliffs as well as biological diversity. This place is home to 95 percent of wilderness present in the state. Located in the center of the Sierra Nevada, the landforms of the park consist of granite rocks like volcanic or sedimentary.

Recognized as the Wonders of the Modern World, Golden Gate Bridge one of the spectacular bridges in California. Just see its wallpaper and you will find the roadway hanging between two cables and passing through two main towers which are fixed securely in concrete. When built in 1937, the bridge was one of its kind and required much planning and execution of the design and idea.

Talk about food and nobody will resist going to a spectacular and elegant place for sure. California is full of amazing and cool eateries which are frequented by a lot of people. Hold a Trois Mec California wallpaper, you will find it to be a splendid eatery that offers a special grilled cabbage leaf and a delicious dessert having a blend of toasted barley, apple butter and brie crème respectively.


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