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Watch: Footage Shows The Fiery Carnage From A Ukrainian Missile Attack On A Russian-Occupied Black Sea Gas Rig

Video Of Ukraine’s Missile Attack On Russian-Occupied Black Sea Gas Rig Emerges

An anti-ship cruise missile is seen moving through the air in the footage, which the Ukrainian Operational Command South (OCS) released on Monday. The missile then appears to strike the gas rig.

Given their similar appearances, it’s uncertain if Neptune or Harpoon missiles were used in the mission. However, a missile with an anti-ship assault profile looks to be striking the platform in the video.

On June 20, a rig was hit. A Planet Labs satellite image from July 9 obtained by The War Zone showed plumes of smoke still billowing from the rig. As of Monday, the facility was still burning, according to NASA’s Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS). The gas rig attack was a part of a larger plan by Ukraine to drive the Russians off Snake Island.

Watch the entire video here:

“The command post, obstacle and reconnaissance equipment, which the occupying forces had placed on the stolen drilling rigs in the Odesa gas condensate field, were suddenly and accurately hit,” according to a video description.

“In addition to the losses themselves, this also made a convincing impression on the enemy about the desperation and true capabilities of the defense forces of southern Ukraine.”

Furthermore, the OCS footage also offers additional information on the Ukrainian assaults on Snake Island, which prompted a Russian evacuation on June 30.

Since the Russians acquired the island on February 24, OCS believes they have used it as an air defence post to gain “control over the sea and sky in the vicinity of the northern section of the Black Sea.” However, after a two-month effort, the Russians were reportedly forced off, according to OCS.

Additionally, the Snake Island attack’s most violent step included a targeted attack against the Black Sea gas rigs.

Achieved via constant fire, disruption of logistical supplies between the mainland and the enemy’s garrison on the island, carried out by sea, and disillusionment of the enemy’s personnel is how Ukraine claimed victory on Snake Island. In addition, the Russian forces destroyed a bunch of equipment that had not been harmed by Ukrainian shelling before leaving the island. OCS calculates the total loss of Russian equipment on Snake Island at more than $900 million.

Unfortunately, it is hard to predict how long the gas rig will burn as far in its current condition.

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