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Follow These Steps To Make A WordPress Website

When you think about developing a website, chances are that WordPress is the first name that comes to mind. I’m not talking about the WordPress blogging platform, but rather the WordPress web design software that is open-source and completely free. More people use WordPress to design their websites than any other platform. It is not only easy to use, but allows for a huge amount of customization. Since you don’t have to pay for it, you can save your money for cool themes and plugins.

If you’ve been wondering how to make a WordPress website, you’re in the right place. The process is fairly simple, and requires just a few steps.

Choose the right hosting

No matter what platform you’re using to create your website, choosing a hosting provider for websites using magento is the first important decision you’re going to make. While many people are inclined to simply go with the first name they recognize, there are huge benefits to putting care into making an informed decision. This is especially true with WordPress.

Rather than going with a generic GoDaddy or Bluehost plan, look for hosting that is particularly optimized for WordPress use. This hosting will provide all the right tools for you to run WordPress seamlessly, integrating themes and plugins and improving functionality.

Do some reading

WordPress is incredibly easy to use and you certainly don’t need an online course to show you the ropes. However, the more you know about its features, the better prepared you are to take advantage of them. Do some reading up on WordPress features to lay the groundwork for a superb website. You can find information from WordPress itself, as well as plenty of WordPress tutorial websites which will give you tips and tricks while directing you to the best features. They will also give you an idea of the best external tools to improve your WordPress experience.

Choose a theme

One of the best parts of building a WordPress website is choosing from the thousands of themes available. There are some truly beautiful options available for free from WordPress and other websites. There are also some paid options that suit particular types of websites. Choosing the right theme is the first actual foray into web design you’ll be doing. Be sure to keep in mind what features you want to take advantage of, so that you choose a theme on which they can be optimized.

Add plugins

WordPress is particularly useful because it is open source and you are not limited to what the platform offers. Rather, there are tons of plugins available that can improve not just your website’s aesthetics and functioning, but your ability to bring in visitors and profit as well. SEO plugins will ensure you are using all the best strategies to improve your place on Google searches. Google Analytics will keep you updated on who is visiting your website. Other plugins help optimize your website for eCommerce, compress images and other media, improve your security, and so much more.

WordPress is the most popular web design platform for a reason. Making a WordPress website is easy, and these steps will get you well on your way.

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