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Flushing Hydrants And Overusing Water Actually Helps You Remain Healthy. Here’s How

In a single flush, we waste almost twelve litres of clean, drinkable water. It is the same amount which is available in water-scarce areas in Africa for one week, and here we use it for getting rid of our turds. We also waste a lot of water in the kitchen, flushing fire hydrants, the front yards and even in the shower. It is really a morally a bad thing but the way our piping networks are designed, we need to waste a certain amount of water or else the water won’t be safe. What a paradox!
fire hydrants flushing needed3

But why do we need to do so and shouldn’t flushing fire hydrants be only done in the event of a fire? Well, it turns out there are plenty of reasons why we need to flush water through our systems. Chlorine concentration is one of them. As a part of standard water treatment in American water plants, Chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria, and it needs to be maintained at a certain level in order to do so. If water remains in the pipes for a long time, the Chlorine naturally degrades thus creating more space for bacteria. Hydrants also need to be flushed to keep pipes and the water within from stagnation. Stagnant water is a bigger threat than average bacteria as all kinds of micro-organisms like amoebas, Algae and even fungi can grow in the water posing a serious risk to us. It is no wonder that after moving to a new house, you are advised to let your taps run before using it.

With fire hydrants, it is also necessary to flush them to ensure their swift working in case a need arises. Pressures at the pump can result in a burst pipe and other maintenance issues that can affect the prices of your property as well. So, we need to find a way to use all that water we have to waste anyway to keep our bathrooms, kitchens and front yards in good shape and healthy. How about a startup that redirects all of it to a local plantation? Food for thought! Also, don’t be a douche and start wasting water all the time because it is warranted!

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