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Flag Of Colombia And Its History For Free Download

The national flag of Colombia was implemented on Nov 26, 1863. It is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, red and blue. The yellow red stripe takes up the top half of the national flag and the red and blue take up a one fourth of the space each.

The horizontal lines of yellow, red and blue tricolor have 2:1:1 ration on the flag. It—together with that of Ecuador, also based on the national flag of Colombia is different from most other tricolor flags, either straight, in having lines which are not equivalent in size.

These three horizontal strips of yellow, red, and blue; the national flag maintains the three colors of the national flag of Colombia, in 1830, the American of southern republic broke up; numerous understanding of the colors are available and include: yellow for the gold found in Colombia, blue for the ocean on its shoreline, and red for the blood poured in getting freedom; on the other hand, the colors have been described as comprising more essential ideas such as yellow is the sovereignty and rights, blue is commitment and cautious , and red is for valor and kindness; or simply the ideas of independence, equivalent rights, and fraternity

Francisco de Miranda was the person who initially designed the common yellow, red and blue national flag of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, with minor modifications. Miranda provided at least two resources of motivation for his national flag. In a correspondence letter published to Vorontsov in 1792, Miranda mentioned that the colors were based on a concept of main colors given to him by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (the In German author and thinker). Miranda described at a late-night discussion which he had with Goethe at a celebration in Weimar during the winter of 1785. Interested with Miranda’s account of his uses in the US Innovative War and his moves throughout the European and American countries.

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