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Flag Of Cameroon – The Symbol Of Freedom

The flag of Cameroon shows the point that Cameroon was the second African nation modifying their flag colors to the contemporary pan-African colors.

The colors placement is just like the French flag that once went over their nation.

The flag was developed with three equal-sized straight flag of green, red, and yellow.

Green is on the lift part of the flag. A five indicated yellow star rests in the middle of the red flag.

Northern Cameroon adopted the flag style though still under French colonial concept in 1957.

In May 1975, the flag became the national flag of Cameroon.

Colors on the flag of Cameroon

The green symbolizes expect the long run and the wealthy plants especially the southern jungles.

The yellow is for the ground and can signify the excellent savannas of the far northern country.

Yellow is also for the sun as the resource for the nation’s pleasure.

Red is the icon of independence and oneness.

The star is also said to be the star of oneness for the nation consists of French and British areas.

Air force of Cameroon has two signs of the flag. One is in circle shape or much like a bull’s eye except for the colors.

Other Air force aircraft have a rectangle icon that looks much like the flag with straight flag of green, red, and yellow but does not have a star in the middle.

History of the Advertising of Cameroon

The Colonial came on the shore of Cameroon sometime before 1472. It is said the mariners were shouting “Camaroes” on the seaside because they were impressed by the massive shrimp in the place.

As an outcome, this soon progressed into Cameroon and the name of the country.

The southern slots of Cameroon were engaged in the servant business for over 400 decades.

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