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Flag Of Belize – A Symbol Of Prosperous Country

The national flag of Belize is an ongoing edition of the previous flag of English Honduras. British Honduras acquired the coat of arms on 28th January, 1907, which established on the base of the logo used on English flags. The coat of arms remembers the logging market that first led to English to settle in that place. The tools, figures and mahogany leaves signify this market. The color of the flag is royal blue. The flag is outlined at top and base by two red strips on both horizontal sides of the flag.

This national flag was in use from 1950 to onward. Its color was blue; with a changed edition of the white disk in the center. The national slogan is written in the lower part of the coat of arm, Sub Umbra Floreo, means “I Flourish in the Shade”.

The flag colors are those of the national parties of the country, the United Democratic Party (Belize) and the People’s United Party. The People’s United Party recognized in 1973 had protested to the unique white and blue design of the flag. The both red strips of both sides were included to the unique design at freedom. The coat of arms was provided in 1907. Blue is the party color of the People’s Unites Party. Red lines were included to signify large opposition party. The 50 leaves in shape of circle reminds us of 1950, the year when People’s Unites Party came to power.

The national flag is the only one flag in the world where show the people portrayed as a major design element in its national flag of the country. This why, it has a unique and beautiful design comparatively to all other designs of the flags around the world. Furthermore, the flags of French Polynesia, British dependencies the Virgin Islands and Montserrat also depict humans.

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