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Flag Of Azerbaijan – The Symbol Of Islamic and Turkish Culture

The flag of Azerbaijan is one of the national signs of Azerbaijan republic. The shades and the dimension the flag of Azerbaijan were implemented in the fall of 1991. The flag of Azerbaijan is a tricolor presenting three similarly scaled fesses of red, red, and green, with a white-colored crescent and an eight-pointed star in red area. The red represents Azerbaijan’s Turkic culture, the red appears for improvement, and the green symbolizes Islam. The formal shades and dimension were implemented on Feb 5, 1991. This flag was used from Nov 9, 1918 to 1920, when Azerbaijan was separate, and it was enhanced.

The national flag of Azerbaijan includes three horizontally equivalent pieces. On the top is blue strip, the middle-of red, the reduced is green. In the middle of the flag, on the red strip, there is an eight-pointed white-colored star and white-colored crescent. The primary information of the flag, along with the rate, can be discovered in the Structure of Azerbaijan that was applied on Nov 12, 199

The tricolor changed and previously style used by the Azerbaijan SSR. So the presidential decree was announced Nov 9, the period in 1918, the flag was applied as the national flag, and announced the national Flag Day.

Three equivalent horizontally groups of colors blue (top), red in the middle, and green in the bottom side; a white-colored eight-pointed star and crescent are based in the red band.  The top strip of blue remembers Azerbaijan’s Turkic culture, red appears for modernization and improvement, and green represents Islam; the crescent celestial satellite is an Islamic icon, while the eight-pointed star symbolizes the eight Turkic individuals around the globe.

The eight factors of the star signifies the eight divisions of the Turkic individuals. The blue shaded red stripe appears for the Turks, whereas, the green is for Islam and red appears for improvement.

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