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Flag Of Antarctica – New Design, New Mission. HD Pictures Here

In 2002, a flag was accepted by the Antarctic Agreement Company and is being used as a casual flag since then. Many other styles for the flag have been recommended and are currently under consideration.

The styles recommended by Whitney Cruz and Graham Bartram are the most favoured designs.

The Graham Bartram style uses the flag of the U. S. Countries as its platform design. It is a easy white-colored map of Antarctica on a red background. The map symbolizes the continent’s nonaligned position.

The Graham Bertram Flag was raised in year 2002 on that continent. When he organized the flag, Bertram was aware of the converging territorial requirements of Chile, the U. S. Empire, and Argentina. This edition is probably the most popular style confirmed by its extensive existence on the web.

The flag of the Federated States of Antarctica is a flag with two red, horizontally lines in a red area with seven white-colored stars (each comprising the seven states). The flag was developed by Devon Moore this summer 2009, and the ultimate style was implemented and created formally on Aug 22, 2009.

The flag is a pink (blue) area with two vermilion (red) lines on the lift and fly. In the main area lay seven white-colored, bulged, five-pointed stars that signify the seven states of the FSA. The purpose for the three shades (blue, lemon, and white) are because these shades are the only ones used for the flag of Antarctica.

The seven stars are roles in a apparently unique way, but are actually in the place of the Region’s investment. Just like (and motivated by) the flag of Tuvalu, the stars are in this way because the nation would only be colonization in the capital/urban places. The stars all are placed so their pants point to the middle of the flag (which would signify the southern pole).

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Antarctica flag, flag of Antarctica, designed by Graham Bartram in 1996.
Creation: (c)2011 T. Demand, Wallpaper: 2011 T. Demand, Wpic
This wallpaper is free to be used as a desktop wallpaper on your computer. Any other usage, publication, distribution is not allowed.

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