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First COVID-19 Reinfection Case Reported In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Reports First case of Coronavirus reinfection in the world

Even after breaking some great news on the development of a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus and multiple states proclaiming to have built the successful one, there’s still a lot of research going on to figure some unknown aspects of the disease.

Research centers from Russia, China, the U.S, and some other states have already announced and registered their vaccines. However, people believe that they might pose a risk as none has yet cleared the third phase testing. 

While the vaccine research and hundreds of other theories on the virus have got us all swinging mid-air, adding up to the situation is this incident. It has lit up a whole new debate as being asymptomatic meant a person won’t catch the virus again. However, this was not the case with this guy who got re-infected after successfully recovering from the infection earlier.

Amongst millions, this one man in Hong Kong has been reinfected with the Covid-19 virus, and the World Health Organization has referred it as something rare and not serious or alarming at all. It was a relief!

No wonder the virus and the risk it posed to our planet has weakened already; however, the case of getting reinfected with it is of immense importance. Researchers and scientists in Hong Kong were observing the patient and came up with findings that the two strains of the virus are different from each other.

The report on the matter which concerns us all was written by Hong Kong University scientists and was shared on Twitter. It says the man who got reinfected had spent 14 days in quarantine when he was infected with the virus earlier. He was doing fine just like the millions of others only till the time the authorities found him to have caught the virus again while going through screening at an airport.

Doctors and Researchers were of the view that the virus won’t be re-occurring once an individual gets cured of it, as roughly there have been around 23 million people across the globe who got infected. Re-occurrence wasn’t an issue at all. This incidence, however, makes it unclear as to how long the immunity against the virus would last in our bodies. This has raised a lot of questions on the early researches and even vaccine development. We could expect anything of this virus as the kind of transformations it is taking in its behaviors over time.

However, it is necessary to complete further studies on the coronavirus and its changing behaviors before putting everything to lockdown again. Such rare cases are into examination for the virus to not put our lives and healths at risk at large anytime soon. Studies from all over the globe are working in one direction and for one cause, getting free from coronavirus.

Viruses and contagious diseases are known to change how they behave over time, and as Brenden Wren, professor of microbial pathogenesis from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “This is a rare example of reinfection, and it should not affect the global drive to develop Covid-19 vaccines.”

Such cases, if reported in time, will help health care personals, doctors, and researchers to study the changing behaviors to fight the virus accordingly.

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