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Ferroelectricity Will Revolutionize the Way Data Is Stored

A particular field that has consumed over 80 years of research finally made a breakthrough in 2018 and the results are simply put; incredible. If you are not familiar with ferroelectricity; don’t worry. It is the key to revolutionizing the storage of data. Ferroelectricity has finally made its breakthrough after 80 years of research and is currently progressing at an astonishing speed.

Data is important for a variety of reasons. It is only by sorting through data that we are able to find patterns and use them to our advantage. Storing of data is something that is constantly evolving. We currently have cloud services that offer unlimited storage plans, however; physical HDDs are also catching up. Recently Lexar launched a 1TB memory card, and Toshiba unveiled a 16TB HDD as well. As you can see, the struggle for bringing latest and effective means of storage is real. Ferroelectricity is the means of revolutionizing it all!

A video posted by Seeker talk in detail about this impressive technology. The potential applications and its exceptional data storing features can also be found on the video. The video description says, ‘This hidden ferroelectric “particle” has evaded scientists for years until recent studies have now discovered it and hacking into their potential.’

Once you have watched the video, you will wonder why you haven’t heard about ferroelectricity before. The YouTube description of the Seeker reads, ‘Seeker exists where technology, innovation, and the future collide. We celebrate relentless curiosity with an insatiable drive to question, inspire, and create.’

And we have this amazing channel to thank for explaining ferroelectricity to us. You can check out the video below! Once you have seen the video, be sure to leave your feedback on this post as well. We would love to know what our readers think of ferroelectricity!