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FedEx Misdelivered Another Parcel From Huawei, Faces Backlash From Chinese Government

It has happened again, folks; FedEx has for the second time carried out a ‘misdelivery’ since Huawei was placed on the U.S. trade blacklist. FedEx confirmed on Sunday that a Huawei package that was bound for the U.S. ended up being the subject of an operational error and was sent back to the shipper.

The Chinese government has threatened to place FedEx on an ‘Unreliable entities list’ as per the latest report. FedEx says, ‘The package in question was mistakenly returned to the shipper, and we apologize for this operational error.’ Misdeliveries of packages is not uncommon; however, thanks to the current situation that is being shared by the U.S. and China, even an honest mistake might be interpreted as a hostile action.

As of right now, the U.S. is not officially enforcing its trade blacklist that prevents any firm in the U.S. or overseas firm that relies on the U.S. technology for being in a business arrangement with Huawei prior to approval from the U.S. government. A grace period of ninety days was announced just after placing Huawei on the list during which the companies that were being affected by the move had been instructed to carry out the necessary steps in order to untangle Huawei from their supply chains and business dealings of any sort.

The Chinese government is considering adding FedEx to the list that has been named as ‘unreliable entities list’. This list was established last month by the Chinese government to highlight the companies, persons, or groups that might be harmful to the interest of Chinese firms. The Chinese government is already probing the matter of FedEx misdelivering the parcels from Huawei to wrong addresses. FedEx has stated that ‘FedEx can accept and transport all Huawei products except for any shipments to listed Huawei entities on the U.S. Entity List.’

Regardless of how this trade war ends, we are sure that the Chinese government will remember the unreliable entities for a long time to come.