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Fanuc Founder And Pioneer Of CNC Machines Dies At 95

Inventor of computing numeric control devices died at age 95

The founder of FANUC and computer numeric control devices, Seiuemon Inaba, passed away last week on 2nd October at the age of 95. His achievements are a depiction of his immense hard-working life.

Inaba graduated with the majors in engineering from the University of Tokyo. And soon after graduating, he started his professional career from the Fujitsu manufacturing.

His first significant achievement was developing a numerical control device that made him successful at the start of his career. The invention accelerated Japanese manufacturing, which resulted in uplifting the economy at large.

Fujitsu Fanuc was established in 1972, and Inaba was appointed as the first managing director. His hard work paid well, and in a short span of three years in 1975, was entitled as the president. Fanuc invented numeric control and ever since has been on the top for industrial robot production.

Fanuc grew rapidly, and the most interesting part is it helped Japanese machinery manufacturers and the automakers grow at the same pace.

The reason for such a collaborated growth was it helped the producers in introducing their products to a much bigger international market. It even partnered with general motors to increase exports.

After working hard throughout his life, Inaba took retirement from his company’s position in 2000. However, he came back to action in 2011 when Funac faced some difficulties in the supply chain, and he ensured smooth business without any delay.

In terms of work, Inaba was a well-disciplined individual and has set an example for millions whose dedication and hard work really pay off. The year 2013 marked his career end when his son urged him to relax and enjoy life.

He spent the last 7 years of his life in serenity with a strong sense of accomplishment and achievements. May the legend’s soul rest in peace!