Wonderful Engineering

Family Bought 250 Year Old Wooden Beams And Created The Most Beautiful Flooring

When this family decided to buy an old ranch house, the main idea was to work on the flooring of the house, but they ran out of budget when it was time to put down some wood on the floor. A bit of compromise was made on the wood and 250 years old wood was brought from a cotton factory. Hence, they achieved a perfect wooden floor for their home.

The family started working on these wooden beams approximately 250-300 years old.

The old wooden flooring and laminated flooring was removed.

A layer of roofing felt was then added to the floor.

And then came the time when a layer of wood was added to the floor.

After a while, the family realized that a final touch was required.

So, they applied Boiled Lindseed oil on the floor to make it appear more shiny and more classy.


Here is what it looks like with the addition of the furniture.

With all the effort it took, the final look would have been a relief to the family.