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Facebook Adds SMS To Messenger For Android

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The earlier speculations about the SMS integration in the Facebook Messenger app have now been officially verified. Unlike most of the recent changes to the Facebook and the Messenger platform, the users have been given the choice to make the Messenger their default app for SMS or not.

To activate the service, the users need to go to the Settings of the Messenger app and select SMS. Next, choose the option “Default SMS app.” Now, all the messages on your phone will be sent and received via the Messenger app. To keep the SMS conversations distinct, the text messages will be colored purple, as opposed to the default blue of the Messenger chats.


Image Source: Engadget


The Messenger SMS option comes with a lot of exciting features like the stickers, GIFs, emojis and location sharing. Essentially, you can use all the features available in the Messenger app as you send your SMS. The regular texting fee will apply, and text messages will be sent via the SMS.

Facebook has clarified that none of the SMS will be stored in the server of the company. The feature has only been rolled out for the Android users and is not available for the iPhone users. But then, Apple has taken a hint from the Messenger and has introduced quite a lot of the same features in its messaging. So, the iPhone users can enjoy the same on the Apple’s own messaging platform pretty soon!

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