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F1 Steering Wheel Explained – Buttons, switches, levers, LEDs and Display

formula 1 wheel

How many of you are F1 fans?! Even if you’re not a diehard fan; we know we have all wondered why is there such a large number of buttons on F1 car’s steering wheel. In fact, if you’ve ever watched a race you would have noticed that the driver never takes hands off the steering wheel in any case, because all the information he needs and any alteration that he wants to make can be done by using the buttons present right in front of him. You could very well call it the nerve centre for the machine.

F1 has been designed for the most challenging race ever and therefore a number of parameters are required to be adjusted during the race and when what needs to be changed is at the discretion of driver only. The telemetry will allow the team’s engineers to know what’s going on with the car but only the driver can alter its properties such as the air fuel mix, differential setting and the torque curve. These settings are usually changed multiple times during a race and are done while driving the car and making use of the buttons and knobs present on the steering wheel.

Owing to the curiosity of many of our readers; we have decided to give you a layout of the steering wheel and tell what these buttons do. You might want to start with a fresh mind because trust us, it is quite confusing and too much to digest in a single go. You can click on image below to enlarge.



Now that you know a bit about the steering wheel, let us remind you that it is not about the car but the driver who is driving it!