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Experts Will Take The Help Of Assassin’s Creed For The Restoration Of Notre Dame

Assassin's Creed Will Be Helping In The Restoration Of Notre Dame!

The world is still trying to come to terms with the fire that partially damaged the famous Notre Dame cathedral. The restoration help for this iconic cathedral is likely to come from a place that no one could have expected; Assassin’s Creed! Assassin’s Creed is a famous game where you play as an assassin in a time gone by, and it features revolutionary France as well.

The senior level designer of the game, Caroline Miousse spent about two years creating the model of the Notre Dame cathedral. Miousse conferred with real-world artists as well to understand the various materials used inside and outside the church. Historians were also included in the project for helping the graphic artists to get the building’s historic artwork right.

Assassin’s Creed is not the only 3D model of the church that is available. Andrew Tallon, an Architectural critic, also created a digital scan of the Notre Dame cathedral back in 2015. Although Tallon has passed away, his attention to detail along with his dedication of creating an accurate model will prove beneficial to France for reviving the icon to its former glory.

The fire broke out in the 850-year old cathedral because of the restoration work that was being carried out inside it. Over 400 firefighters were deployed, and following a long nine-hour battle, the fire was taken out. As of right now, 700 million dollars have been amassed by the richest families and businesses in France for helping with the reconstruction efforts.

Despite the damage that the church sustained, its bell towers and detailed stone façade was saved. The historians and architects will be working in collaboration for coming up with a restoration plan for the cathedral in such a manner that it pays homage to the past while also introducing some new ideas.

We will be bringing more news to you about the restoration of Notre Dame as they become available. Meanwhile, Assassin Creed’s players can take pride in the fact that their beloved game will be helping the restoration project of the famous icon of France.

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