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Ever Wondered What Will Happen If Google Stopped Working? Here’s The Answer

How many times have you just lost it when your Internet speed was not up to your desired satisfaction? Yeah, we all are guilty of doing that. However, what do you think would happen if Google stopped working? Exactly, what will happen if the giant search engine goes down, permanently? Do you think the world would be the same? Will you be the same?

Google has become synonymous with the Internet, and we make use of it for a plethora of activities such as surfing, chatting up with friends, sharing videos and pictures, online shopping, planning trips, and what not. In fact, as of right now, there is very little that you cannot do online. That is why people consider Internet or Google as the vital resource right up with water, air, food, and housing.

Coming back to the question of what would happen if Google shut down, the first thing is that you won’t be able to look for information as readily as you are able to do right now. Google is the number one search engine, and almost all of the websites, blogs, and businesses have been more than active in making sure that they are recognized by Google’s search engine algorithm. If Google goes down, the information that it has indexed and has readily available will be lost. The information will still exist online, but there would be very little to no access to it.

Furthermore, the companies that rely completely on Google’s services for carrying out their work operations will take a brutal hit. Take the example of a company that offers SEO optimization for Google; the company will be in ruins once Google shuts down. Google itself will be taking a huge financial hit. One good thing to come out of this debacle would be the substantial decrease in piracy since Google is the preferred search engine all over the world.

Yahoo and Bing might be able to pick up the slack, but these search engines didn’t do very well in the past as opposed to Google so we doubt that users would be okay with the way they handle things. Nonetheless, it can be stated with utmost certainty that if Google shuts down; life will become bleak but would still be manageable. Of course, you would have to refer to the old ways of finding information, and we might see a rise in the Television use for the sake of obtaining information.

What do you think? Do you think the shutting down of Google will make our lives impossible to live? Do let us know!

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