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Ever Wondered What The Worlds Most Powerful Electric Motors Are? This Video Answers The Question

Electric motors are widely used in machines and they are constantly evolving. They are used in power tools, in hybrid and electric cars, home appliances, toys, and countless other areas. The assortment of these motors is quite wide. Most manufacturers try to make them as small as possible, in certain fields of practical use.

A massive advantage of electric machines is their high levels of efficiency. These models easily reach efficiencies beyond 95%, which makes a huge difference in comparison to engines that run on fossil fuels. Another good thing is that you can easily scale their power. Basically, you just need to make them bigger, with a stronger frame, larger stator, and rotor, and thicker wires. They are considered environment-friendly if you can source electricity produced in a nature-friendly way.

The largest reciprocating engine in the world is Wärtsilä RT-flex96C. This 2,300-ton monster burns diesel and drives large container ships, producing power of 80,080 kW (107,390 hp). Watch the following video for an interesting story about the largest and the most powerful electric motors in the world: