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Ever Wondered What Do These Symbols On The iPhone Box Mean? Mystery Solved


Pic Credits: mentalfloss

Have you ever wondered what those tiny and neatly aligned symbols on the back of an iPhone box mean? Or are you one of those people who devour the packaging like an iPhone hungry hyena as soon as your get your hands on it? Whatever the case might be, it is always handy to know what you are being served. And today we will try to explain the symbols as simply as possible.

• The “FC” logo which has 3 concentric “Cs” mean that the iPhone is “Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliant”. The FCC regulates all devices using radio frequency; technically falling under Class B banner, and ensures that the phone do not cause or receive any harmful emissions under normal use [PDF].

• The garbage can on wheels with a very disapproving “X” is a clear symbol by the iPhone to urge you not throw the device away in the trash can. Instead, the company urges its users to contact the local waste authorities for safe disposal. A European organisation called WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive cooperation, also aims to minimize electronic waste in landfills.

• The encircled exclamation mark signifies that this phone is a Class II wireless device. This is mainly irrelevant to USA, but incredibly important for international users as not all the frequency bands that the device may try to use are available.

“0682” and “CE” are European markers. 0682 marks the authority which approved the phone (Cetecom ICT services, an accreditation firm) and “CE” (Conformite Europeenne) shows that it is cleared to be openly sold in the European Union.

Pic Credits: mentalfloss

Apple’s MacBook has all of the above symbols, with the addition of two others.

• Voluntary Control Council for Interference (“VCCI”) is a Japanese regulatory agency, which approves that the laptop meets their standards for radio frequency (RF) signals emission.

• That checkmark enclosed by a triangle is called a Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) which is an Australian standard used to indicate electronic devices that are safe for usage.

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