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Ever Wondered How Much Nitrous Oxide Does It Take To Kill An Engine? This Guy Tests It Out

The quickest way to double the power output of your engine is to inject it with nitrous oxide. However, nitrous oxide must be injected with care as it could also kill your engine.


Image Source: YouTube/Motor Trend Channel



To determine the amount of nitrous oxide that a stock engine can take in, the guys at the Motor Trend Channel used a 305 ci Chevrolet small-block to push it beyond its limits.

The engine was retrofitted with:

“COMP flat tappet cam, EngineQuest Performance Vortec Heads, aluminum roller rockers – among other mods – including the two stage NOS cheater system.”


Image Source: YouTube/Motor Trend Channel


The output of the engine, when tested on the dyno before the nitrous oxide shots, was 358hp and 323 lb-ft. However, the shot of laughing gas turned things around quickly!


Image Source: YouTube/Motor Trend Channel


When the nitrous oxide is sprayed into the combustion chamber of an engine, it allows the fuel to burn at a higher rate, given that the gasoline must be mixed with oxygen to burn.

The 305ci engine took 250 nitrous shots with ease and gave an output of 620hp and 571 lb-ft. To find out what happens if you use nitrous shots that could add 500hp to the original output of the engine, watch the video below: