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Ever Wondered How Michael Jackson Defied Gravity In His Famous Dance Move? Secret Revealed

Gravity Defying Shoes

The king of pop was a true sensation in his prime, and many people were bamboozled by how he managed to pull off his amazing dance moves. When he first came up with the idea of the moonwalk, we were all left spellbound, and many incorrect theories were devised on how he managed to come up with the illusion.
michael jackson
Then, just like a famous magician’s tricks, his secret was eventually exposed, and now thousands of people can do the moon walk. However, not many people know the secret behind his infamous 45-degree lean in the “smooth criminal”. Many attributed it to his raw physical uniqueness and fitness that helped him achieve it. But, now that the secret is out, you will see that any average person can do it.

To make it happen and not fall off at the ridiculous angles, Michael and his partners invented the famous shoe that had a slot at the end of the heel. These slots protruded from the shoe on the owner’s command and got tethered to a peg. This way the shoe was more secure, and the person won’t fall off the edge of the shoe as long as he maintained the balance of his upper body.

Patent Number 5,255,452
Michael Jackson’s Anti-Gravity Illusion Shoes
Selected Patent Case Files
Record Group 241
Records of the Trademark and Patent Office
HMS Container ID: HC1-90359313
HMS Item ID: HD1-90980612

These shoes were patented in 1992 under the names of Michael Jackson and Dennis Tompkins. The design was heavily inspired from astronauts and their zero-gravity shoes. The brilliant idea of making it into a Move must have come from jackson himself because he was a pure genius. His moves were a phenomenon back then, and many of his top songs have found a permanent place in all-time charts of songs including Billboard’s top 100.

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