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Ever Wondered How Do They Connect Right-Handed Roads To Left-Handed Roads? Mystery Solved

The Left-Hand Drives and the Right-Hand Drives cause quite a bit of confusion around the world. The problem is compounded when the people used to driving on the right side have to drive on the left side and vice versa. Certainly it cause a lot of crashes around the world. Here is the map of the great driving orientation divide around the world:

Now, one look at it and you would say that the right-hand drive is too less to actually exist but if you see the numbers, more than one-third of the population around the world uses the right-hand drive, so ending it is out of the question. Now you may see that most of the right-hand driven countries meet left-hand driven ones at borders. Have you ever considered how the lanes would shift at the border so that cars don’t just crash into each other when they cross the borders? Here are some of the most amazing designs of lane-changing architecture:

Between Macau and China

Macau was a British colony and therefore, it still uses a right-hand drive.

Between Hong Kong and China

Between England and France

Between Thailand and Laos

So, which one did you like?

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