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Entire Countries Could Be Powered By Nuclear Reactors In The Next Four Years

Entire Countries Could Be Powered By Nuclear Reactors In The Next Four Years

At the start of this year, Seaborg, a Danish nuclear energy company, passed the American Bureau of Shipping’s feasibility test against its floating nuclear reactor project.

This brings the company a step closer to meet its ambitious targets of deploying the first commercial power barge by 2025.

The reactor is being designed to be installed on a modular power barge, which will then be transported directly to any country to provide clean energy, provided they are attached to the sea.

As a growth region, South East Asia has been identified as a starting point for this initiative of clean and affordable energy.

Co-Founder and CEO of Seaborg, Troels Schönfeldt, claims that the ABS maritime assessment allows a reduction in cost, production time, and overall project risks. He further added that the maritime approach provides unmatched production capacity. With the installation of two nuclear reactors, the first power barges will provide 200 MW of electricity.

While designing, its focus has also remained on decarbonizing, and the reactors will offset approximately 33,600 tons of CO2 in their lifetime. The company is all set to provide energy through this source globally.

Although Seaborg has cleared an important milestone, the ABS will continue to assess the company through all stages of engineering, construction, operations, etc., before it is expanded further.

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