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Engineer Dad Gifts Her Daughter A Car That He Built For Her In His Garage

As a child you take your first fresh breath of freedom usually when your parents gift you a ride that you can use to roam around in your home and outdoors. There are a number of cars available that parents can select from, however, this particular dad wanted to give his daughter a special one. Therefore, he decided to build her an awesome pedal car that is more than just a car – it is the embodiment of love that this father has for his daughter! Here’s how he made it:

The start of the project saw the dad managing to get a roadster body made out of fiberglass and then working to fix the chassis to the frame.

Two wheels have been incorporated on their respective axles, however, isn’t something wrong here?

It’s the grill that wasn’t there before!

The paint job was to be of crimson and gold – Primer application was the first process!

Here comes metallic gold!

After drying the metallic gold paint, he sets up the car for the next layer of paint that would complete the paint job.

It was then painted crimson red – quite a complimenting color to the existing metallic gold.

Final paint job.

Faux wood steering wheel to make sure that the car’s exterior and interior remain classy.

Check out the final product!

This daughter is surely lucky to have a dad like this guy!