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Elon Musk’s Starman Has Completed The First Orbit Of The Sun

The Starman Has Completed The First Orbit Of The Sun

Alright, so how many of you remember SpaceX sending a Tesla Roadster up into space while playing David Bowie tunes using the car’s sound system? The car had a mannequin named Starman, and WhereIsRoadster has enabled people to keep track of the vehicle faring in space since 2018.

The latest update of Starman is that it has completed the first orbit of the Sun. It is almost over a year and a half since the launching of Starman into space. The vehicle is at a distance of 111,720,472 kilometers from Mars and counting. WhereIsRoadster has a quickly changing live counter since Starman is traveling at a speed of 41,700 km/h.

Starman had already passed Mars after nine months of being launched. According to WhereIsRoadster, the Roadster has managed to complete its first orbit around the Sun – only 557 days after the test launch of Falcon Heavy. Starman has already traveled more than 763.3 million miles from Earth, thus exceeding Tesla’s 36,000-mile warranty by about 21,204 times. SpaceX was even streaming a live video of Starman while the Roadster was still close to the Earth.

You can find some really interesting information about the project on the WhereIsRoadster website. For instance, the Roadster has already traveled far enough to have driven on all of the world’s roads more than 33 times. If the car battery is still working, Starman has played Space Oddity by David Bowie for about 151,727 times and Is There Life On Mars? About 204,446 times. The Roadster will be coming close to Earth around November 5th in 2020 – a distance of 32.2 million miles.

After this crossing of home, the Roadster might not come close to Earth again up until 2047. What do you think of this amazing project by Elon Musk? Do let us know!

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