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Elon Musk Just Tweeted For The First Time Using Space Internet From Starlink Satellites

Elon Musk recently tweeted by making use of the Internet that is being provided by the famous Starlink satellites. Starlink satellites were launched by Elon’s company SpaceX. His first tweet said, ‘Sending this tweet through space via Starlink satellite.’ He then sent out a follow-up tweet that read, ‘Whoa, it worked!!’

So far, SpaceX has only launched a total of 60 Starlink satellites out of a total of 30,000 into space. The final aim is to launch a worldwide and dependable Internet service. However, for now, SpaceX is trying to get the service rolled out for the US and parts of Canada in the coming year.

The designed and planned constellation of SpaceX’s satellites has been received with skepticism as well. Starlink satellites, the existing ones, and the ones that will be joining them are orbiting the Eart at lower altitudes as opposed to the regular communication satellites. This has led astronomers raising concerns that night sky might end up getting ruined because of Starlink satellites.

Back in September, the European Space Agency tweeted that it had to carry out a ‘collision avoidance’ maneuver in order to prevent a crash from happening involving one of the SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. It was reported that SpaceX refused to do anything at first but eventually ended up blaming the decision on a bug.

Nonetheless, Elon Musk was able to tweet using the Internet that is being provided by Starlink satellites. What do you think of that?

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