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Elon Musk Fires Twitter Employee With A Tweet After Argument Over Android App

Elon Musk Fires Twitter Employee After Argument Over Android App

Elon Musk has fired another Twitter employee following a disagreement over the Twitter Android app.

Musk apologised to customers earlier on Monday for Twitter’s slow Android app in some countries. However, one of the Twitter app creators who claimed to have been working on the software for the previous six years countered Musk’s tweet.

The Twitter debate was followed by a thread of tweets between the two. Elon stated on the same thread, ‘He’s fired.’ The employee, Eric Frohnhoefer, also tweeted a photo of himself being shut out of his system, verifying his layoff. He also updated the text in his Twitter bio to ‘formerly @Twitter.’

Elon Musk has been critical of Twitter’s previous management and is now in charge of the platform’s technological aspects, including removing several features. For example, he announced in a tweet that Twitter would remove the line under each tweet stating the phone/operating system the tweet was sent from.

Since Musk took over Twitter in October, there has been a barrage of memes showcasing Musk’s firing spree. Elon Musk fired over half of the company’s personnel, and Twitter terminated contractual employees last weekend. He is believed to have terminated the services of over 4,400 contractual employees. The whole contractual workforce numbered 5,500 people.

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