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Elon Musk Finally Explains Why The Windows Of Cybertruck Got Smashed

Elon Musk Explained Why The Windows Of Cybertruck Got Smashed

The unveiling of Cybertruck didn’t go as smoothly as Tesla or Elon Musk might have hoped. We all saw what happened; a metal ball that had been bounced off the window during the previous tests ended up smashing the window on stage. However, Elon Musk has explained what had gone wrong; unseen damage that was caused by a sledgehammer door hit.

The launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck had already been received with a mixed reaction because of how it looked. However, the highlight was stolen by the fact that the ultra-strong windows didn’t survive the metal ball that was thrown at them. Elon Musk stepped up to explain what really happened at the unveiling ceremony of Cybertruck.

Elon Musk also looked really surprised when a heavy metal ball was launched at Cybertruck window and ended up smashing it. The video included in the tweet shows that pre-launch testing had the same metal ball being launched at the window. The said metal ball simply bounced off the window during the pre-launch tests. So, what exactly did go wrong with the launch event?

Elon Musk has explained in a tweet about what really went down. He said that it wasn’t that the window was unable to handle the impact but rather that a previous sledgehammer hit to the door that was intended for testing the durability had cracked the base of the glass panel. This couldn’t be seen externally and, therefore, went unnoticed. The windows looked as if they were undamaged, but in reality, that had actually lost their strength before the ball was thrown at them.

Although the launch was not what was expected, it does provide some good tidings; even if one of the windows of Cybertruck gets cracked, a heavy object won’t be able to pass through them. Despite being cracked, the windows do possess enough strength to prevent any projectile from entering the cabin and injuring the people inside.