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Elon Musk Deleted His Twitter Account Yesterday And We Want Answers

We all are familiar with Elon Musk and how he handles his social media accounts. The guy is known for being somewhat of a loose cannon with the social media, especially his Twitter account. In fact, most of the company’s updates and latest reveals take place on Twitter by Elon Musk.

That’s not all though; he also replies to Twitter users and even takes their suggestions into his consideration. Elon Musk has become the star of tabloids because of his unconventional new inventions and his exciting comments. However, on Monday, the CEO of SpaceX and the co-founder of Tesla tweeted that he had deleted his Twitter account.

The tweet was unexpected and has started a round of debate online where many are questioning whether it is the work of trolls or if Elon really has given up on his Twitter account. But that is not where this ends. Reportedly, Musk is still tweeting except that the tweets are coming under the cryptic name of ‘Daddy DotCom’. Elon has not offered any explanation for this bizarre move or for changing to the new username. Could it be that he lost a bet and is doing this as a result of that? Or was he simply tired of his Twitter account?


Elon Musk is supposed to be ‘offline’, right? However, he is still commenting on his own comments using the different usernames and company names that he owns. What is he up to? We can only guess – he might be doing another podcast while being high! Nonetheless, his unexpected tweet has resulted in a series of tweets and replies that are not slowing down anytime soon.

We have been witnessing entertaining comments from fellow Twitter users as well. Not everyone believes him, but those who do have questions that need to be answered. But knowing Elon Musk, do you think he would answer them?