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Elon Musk Claims That The Cybertruck Is An “Insane Technology Bandwagon”

Elon Musk Claims That The Cybertruck Will Be An "Insane Technology Bandwagon"

Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Tesla, has stated that the upcoming Cybertruck will be an “insane technology bandwagon,” but its launch is reportedly still delayed owing to a supply chain “nightmare” that is “not over.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, Musk stated that he would join the next earnings conference in January and provide an updated product strategy.

The Cybertruck debuted in late 2019, provoking views with its unique angular design, cyberpunk look, and armoured glass.

However, despite an initial debut date of late 2021, the Cybertruck has yet to leave the assembly line, having been delayed by battery cell shortages and other supply chain concerns.

Musk has long referred to the electric truck as a “pet project,” but it will serve as a foundation for all of Tesla’s top-tier innovation. One of these will be the yoke steering wheel, which appears in the redesigned Model S but has mixed opinions.

When asked if the Cybertruck will have a yoke, Musk responded, “Cybertruck is intentionally an insane technology bandwagon,” and later tweeted, “Cybertruck will reach far into a post-apocalyptic future & bring that technology to now.”

Musk had just tweeted in response to a fan who expressed their enthusiasm for the unusual half-circle steering wheel known as a yoke, “Yoke allows an unobstructed view of the screen,” Musk replied.

“An acid test for a new interface is to use it for two weeks and see if you still want the old version.” “I didn’t want the wheel after using the yoke for a few weeks,” he explained.

However, it is not yet flawless. When asked if a variable gain (steer by wire) yoke would be preferable for individuals living in mountain locations with winding roads, he said, “Variable gain (steer by wire) yoke would be ideal.”

However, the real question is when the Cybertruck and all of this cutting-edge technology will be available. And with an estimated 1.27 million fully-refundable pre-orders – a lot of people are looking forward to what could be the most anticipated vehicle of all time.

“Can we get a legit Cybertruck update? It’s been about two years after all,” another follower asked Musk on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Oh man, this year has been such a supply chain nightmare & it’s not over! I will provide an updated product roadmap on the next earnings call,” Musk replied.

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