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Elevators Are Being Installed With Foot Pedals To Help Fight Against Coronavirus

COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and we are observing nationwide lockdowns to prevent the propagation of this novel disease. It is during these times that Seacon Square – a mall in Bangkok, Thailand – has become the center of attention.

Seacon Square was recently re-opened. It has come up with an amazing idea for preventing the spread of COVID-19. When you walk into big malls; what are the potential contact points from where you can contract diseases? What is that something that is readily accessible to everyone and contaminated beyond any measure?

The answer to the questions posed above would vary, right? Some might have said the security counter whereas the others might have pointed out the support beam in an escalator. However, Seacon Square focused on something very specific; lift buttons. Yes, that’s right. The button panel is an iconic and definitive feature of an elevator.

It is something that hundreds or even thousands of people interact with on a daily basis and it may very well prove to be the transmission source of the diseases including COVID-19. Seacon Square has installed foot pedals instead of the lift buttons during this coronavirus pandemic. The mall’s administration has said that it made the change from buttons to foot pedals while keeping in mind the current coronavirus situation and thereby acting to safeguard its shoppers.

While we appreciate this gesture from the mall in Bangkok, we would urge the people to keep their visits to the mall at a bare minimum. Only visit it if it’s urgent and cannot wait because safety should always come first. There’s a reason why online stores are booming these days; people are being smart and careful. If you do have to step out, be sure to wear masks and gloves thus making sure that you remain safe and don’t become a source of trouble for others as well.

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