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Earthquake Destroyed Building In Taiwan Used Tin Cans For Reinforcement

Taiwan was hit by a strong earthquake and rescuers are busy trying to find and save over 100 persons that are still missing after 24 hours. A 17-storey block had collapsed after the earthquake and almost 124 persons are missing.

However, while media is covering the rescue attempts, photo evidence has come up that shows that tin cans were used as fillers inside the concrete beams. Yes, welcome to construction practices to save a few bucks while playing with innocent lives.

According to Taiwan’s government, the building was built back in 1989 and was not listed as a dangerous structure. Taiwan’s interior Minister, Mr. Chen Wei-zen has said that an investigation will be examining if the developer had cut corners during the construction of this building or not. Meanwhile, rescuers are putting in all of their efforts to try save the missing persons under the rubble of the fallen building.