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Drunk Guy Terrorises Polish Town With A T-55 Tank

Traffic can be really bad, right? When you are stuck in a traffic jam, one cannot help but wonder how different things would be if he or she driving something different; how about a tank? Sounds absurd, right? No one would be driving a tank in cities now, would they? You’d be surprised though because last week in Pajeczno, a Polish town, a drunk man did indeed drive a Soviet-era T-55 tank right through the town.

The said driver was successfully able to terrorize the whole local community. Police were called, and when the police did arrive, the tank had been parked in the middle of the road. The 49-year-old driver was near the tank as per Twoje Pajeczno.

The Soviet-era T-55 belongs to the military of Poland. The driver had been authorized to operate the vehicle, but quite clearly he had altered the route and the task, thus disobeying the orders of his officers.

As per our sources, the driver had been ordered by his superior officers to move the tank only between the two transportation trailers, thus allowing it to be shipped out. The driver, however, decided to take the T-55 out on a joy ride through the town. The senior officers also most likely expected the driver to remain sober during the said task while he operated the T-55, weighing in at 36 tons.

The T-55 is an armored combat vehicle but to make matters worse, it has also been reported that the tank had no insurance policy whatsoever. Police were unable to move the truck onto a trailer up until five in the morning. The driver is looking at two years behind bars for driving while drunk and about eight years for causing a dangerous situation that might have caused heavy destruction. What do you think of this?