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DrinkPure Is A New Water Filter That Can Be Attached To Any Water Bottle

Potable water is one of the most crucial necessity of life and therefore, we have witnessed a number of efforts being put into transforming contaminated water into potable water. A Swiss student by the name of Jeremy Nussbaumer has come up with a unique gadget to provide clean drinking water; a filter that can be attached to any plastic bottle and give the user potable water. The gadget is being called DrinkPure and is not only a must have for travelers, hikers and campers but also for people living in remote areas.

The design relies on a three phase system that tackles the contaminated water; the pre-filter restricts movement of dirt and any large debris whereas the layer of activated carbon works as the second line of defense battling odour, chemicals and heavy metals. The final line of defense is a pore membrane that is capable of retaining bacteria and hence, provides the user with clean and potable water. DrinkPure is made from recycled material and the filter adjusts easily with a regular plastic bottle.

The basic idea behind this gadget is to come up with means to provide clean water to countries that have poor sanitation and owing to the fact that DrinkPure is to be produced locally, the price is quite low, making it readily accessible all over the world. The fundraising campaign is being carried out on Indiegogo where the idea has already surpassed its $40,000 goal by achieving a total of $60,000 pledge. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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