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Download These 42 High Res Caribbean Wallpaper Backgrounds Here For Free

Have you seen the beauty of Caribbean wallpapers? The Caribbean is located in the south-west region of the U.S comprising 700 islands and part of the larger West Indies. It has a tropical humid climate receiving heavy rainfall all throughout the year with beads of volcanic activity and hurricanes across its geography. The demography mainly consists of Africans of Dutch, French and Spanish influences and the respective language spoken and Christianity being the predominant religion. Cuba, Porto Rico, Cayman islands, Dominican republic, Haiti are some of the biggest and most popular islands. It has an immense amount of diversity in flora and fauna with a recorded 90,000 species, mostly Marine Life. The region is known for its dense forests, long beaches, arid fruits and plantations and widely known eco-tourism.

Also famous are its different flavours and types of cigars, tobacco is exported all over the world from the Caribbean islands. The West Indies cricket team represents major portion of the region. The carnivals of orange masquerades of Trinidad are famous world over, also the birth place of legendry singer Bob Marley. The Caribbean island attracts tourist mainly due to the immense amount of cruise vacations, Queen Mary, Oasis of the seas, Freedom of the seas, the biggest ocean liners in the world often providing with seven day tours of the archipelago.

The Caribbean cuisine is known world over for its seafood influences, Cou-cou, Ropa Veija, Arroz con pollo are some of the regional favourites. There are many resorts in the myriad islands where one can enjoy anything from a family vacation to a secluded retreat into the wilderness, among these Aruba, Bahamas, and St. Martin, Barbados, Bermuda are the widely toured. It is also know world over for the Bermuda triangle, the mysterious and mythical stories it possesses. The Caribbean is one place in the world where one can experience the great joys of being with the ocean and exploring their unique culture and lifestyle along with the ever welcoming hospitality of the Caribbean. So get going now and get your own personal Caribbean wallpapers.