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Dont Clean Your Homes As The Government Will Clean The City With This Giant Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s Clean Our City (3)

Let’s Clean Our CityWe use vacuum cleaners to clean our houses of dirt. Imagine if you could take the same principle and it apply it on a larger scale. Fascinating, isn’t it? Daan Roosegaarde felt the same way too and came up with something which seems quite absurd but simultaneously so feasible and amazing that the designer is actually busy talking with the mayor of Beijing in order to develop it further for use in the city. Beijing has become so congested that pollution is inevitable. Due to the overwhelming population, there are a large number of automobiles which are contributing to the pollution as well.

The particular vacuum cleaner has been developed using buried coils of copper which are responsible for creating an ion electrostatic field which is capable of attracting smog particles. These particles are then magnetized and pulled down. This results in a sufficient window of air above which is clear of smog.

The gadget so far is not capable of working on a city-basis but the idea is to take an initiative by clearing hundreds of feet of air in key areas which includes parks, squares and other places where pedestrians are present in a large number. A prototype has already been made functional which is capable of sucking up a square meter area’s polluted air and is able to punch a hole in the cloud of smog which was artificially created. The resulting particles are collected below effectively and safely.

In words of the designer; ‘We have created machines to enhance ourselves. We invented the wheel and cars to liberate ourselves and travel. But now these machines are striking back, making air polluted in high-density cities like Beijing.’

This design firm is also responsible for the sustainable dance floor (creates electricity when you dance on it) and smart highways which are capable of producing their own light and now they are working on his vacuum cleaner to make the cities cleaner and safer to live in.

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