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Domino’s New Pizza Delivery Car Has A Design That Ensures You Always Get Fresh Pizza

Many Pizza places can proclaim to have the best Pizza, but few can now match the delivery capabilities of Domino’s.  The fast-food giant recently unveiled its purpose build delivery car known as Domino’s Delivery Expert (DXP). The car even has a built-in Oven, which can heat up to 140 degree Celsius to keep your pizza’s warm.

This is not a publicity stunt the car is 100% real.It took the company three years to design and manufacture this car. The design was crowdsourced via a competition that was run by”Local Motors”. Local Motors were also involved in making a 3D printed car back in September 2014. The “Ultimate Deliver Vehicle Challenge” received a total of 385 designs with input from Domino’s employees, customers and automotive designers from around the world. There were five principal stages, first the “design” stage that generated ideas to help delivery drivers do their job efficiently, second the “Packaging” stage which decided the car that will be used as a base. The following “interior” and “surfacing” stages focused on what features the DXP would have inside and how it would look outside. The last “rendering” stage brought the DXP to life.

DXP is based on the Chevrolet Spark. DXP will have almost identical mileage at 39 MPG. The car will have with 1.2-litre engine and an automatic transmission. An OnStar navigation system is also fitted to give drivers turn-by-turn directions.

The car is designed for easy loading and unloading as can be seen from the pictures. DXP can accommodate up to 80 pizzas and will only have a single driver seat as the rest have been removed to generate more space. The storage space is specifically designed to house sauces, multiple sized pizza’s and other utilities required. Each DXP can be personalized with driver’s name, its delivery contact & home base.

Domino’s is in the process of rolling out 100 DXPs across the US, including in Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle.

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