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Discover The Best Online Engineering Courses To Take

Online courses have gained popularity over the past few years. They offer students convenience and affordability when it comes to achieving their dreams. Today, engineers have an easy time exploring their industry to acquire new skills. The thriving profession is still in high demand, and the time couldn’t be more appropriate to consider an online engineering degree. 

There are very many options to choose from when it comes to selecting an online program. However, Master Class reviews have taken into account all the aspects of pursuing an online degree. This is an aggregated rank of the best courses to pursue online. The list presented below will enable you to select the program that suits you best.

What Are The Best Online Engineering Degrees?

This ranking has taken into account the various aspects. The basis of the list is determined by accreditation, graduate success, and student reviews. Accreditation relies on the endowment, reputation, graduation rate, entrance exam, student-to-faculty ratio.

Master Class obtains the student reviews from a variety of topics. We take into account the faculty relations, course selection, and campus relations. The graduate success rate is dependent on financial aid and financial cost. These are the most popular engineering programs online:

  1. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

This is an entry-level course offered by Harvard University. It is highly recommended for students with a keen interest in software engineering. The course is useful in teaching students problem-solving skills as well as using algorithms to make decisions. The course introduces the basics of software engineering, resource management, and algorithms. Students also get to learn different programming languages such as Python and SQL.

The course is twelve weeks long, with a minimum of 6-18 hours every week. Students who will require a verified certificate will have to pay $90 to obtain it. 

  1. Robotics: Aerial Robotics

If you have aspirations of becoming a mechanical engineer, you must already know these top robotic universities. The University of Pennsylvania offers students an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in robotics. The students get to learn the basics of aerial robotics and delve deeper into dynamic model development. 

The course will take about 18 hours to complete. The student has the free will power to adjust the schedule to suit them.

  1. Structural Engineering

The Art of Structural engineering is one of the most popular courses. Most civil engineers credit Princeton University for their diverse and thorough coursework. The university uses edX to teach students bridge engineering fundamentals. Students will get to understand the efficiency, economy, and elegance of structural engineering. 

  1. Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

Georgia Tech offers this particular course via Coursera to mechanical engineering students. The course will require you to be proficient in math and physics. Engineering mechanics, a great course to pursue due to the exposure it offers. 

The course runs up to eight weeks, ten hours each week. For a verified certificate, students will pay an additional $175. 

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Udacity offers an introduction to AI for free. You will get to learn the basics of machine learning as well as image processing and natural language processing. The whole course is based on a program from Stanford University. If you have prior knowledge of probability and algebra, this course will be exceptional. This program is highly recommended for students interested in machine learning or those who are working with AI.

The course will take up to twelve weeks, ten hours each week. 


Become who you always dreamt of being with the courses listed above. You are assured of the high-quality standards of education from the programs outlined. Many students opt to pursue free online engineering degrees. They are less daunting with the same quality standards. It is crucial that before signing up for any program, you confirm the actual cost and the faculty support. Engineers are a needed asset globally; getting your engineering resume ready and pursuing a course in engineering is the best decision you can make.

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